Saturday, 23 de February de 2019

There are few cities in the world that can claim the title of Football World Cup host, in its multiple editions. This blessing coming from the Olympus Gods falls with the strength of a lightning bolt in the megacities of the world every four years. No one would tell, for instance, that the industrial city of Gotemburg, in the enviable social-democrat Sweden took in the Brazilian Team, world champion of 1958.

In the frozen fields of that pitch, Pelé emerged to the stardom, and Garrincha, in the surroundings, spreaded his genetics, under the command of the chubby sleepy coach Vicente Feola. The Scandinavian pitch went down in history from the sportive event. A lot of people are capable of thinking that Gotemburg is the capital of Sweden, instead of the beautiful port city of little bricks Stocolm.

The fact that the automobile factory Volvo is in the city was not even noted by the comum people against the conquest of the coveted Jules Rimet Cup shooted in black and white film.

The novice Belo Horizonte, with a few more than a century of existence, will climb to the Pantheon of the host cities in 2014, by the determination of FIFA.

The deed deserves fireworks, as the “mineiro” people like. There will be street dogs and wasted people in the sorroundings of the Mineirão stadium. There will also be screams of “Galo” and “Zêro”, the local biggest clubs, although there will be fans of a lot of citizenships. The capital of Minas Gerais state, which the inhabitants used to be called coincidentally “geraldinos” enters, once more, in the restrict club of the host cities of the World Cup games.

Not so much for its historical, architectonical or cultural size, but much more for its human capital of immeasurable size.

Here, dear visitants, lives good people. More than the expectation of victory, between these iron ore mountains, resides the hope of a better future. This heritage is priceless and cannot be measured in the score. Therefore, roll the red carpet. Welcome fans!

Giselle Ferrara
Executive Director